kitchen made

A brief background about us: We are a small team for now. We love what we do. We believe in doing good, being better and spreading love. We adore the outdoors. We run, hike, garden, ski, bike, snowboard, surf, climb, camp; anything to be one with nature and our loved ones.

We love coffee, have no self control when it comes to sweets and can’t say no to social media. We believe in the beauty of the world. We are grateful.

IMG_1520McKenzie Payne | Founder

Becoming a mother in 2006, McKenzie Payne found herself reading every label, growing food for her family, eating locally grown and considering every product she purchased. She had a vision to independently produce a unique line of products using locally sourced materials that would bring comfort and ease to all who used them.

McKenzie started studying and researching the most safe and effective ingredients closest to their natural state from Mother Nature. There were late nights at the stove mixing and pouring. There were many trips around town gathering up materials and ingredients needed to create something better than the mass-produced products on the shelves of the super market chains. The UPS trucks arrival was a very joyful occasion (still is). While working with local printers, beekeepers and natural food stores, McKenzie set up shop at local Farmer’s Markets and community events.

McKenzie is dedicated to creating minimalist formulas without the use of chemicals or suspected carcinogens. To this day there are a lot of late nights in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients, testing formulas and banging out products. While combining her passions for healthy living and helping others, with her slight fascination for lip and body care products, McKenzie designed Mac’s Smack in 2011.

Why We’re Here

The business model is simple, create all natural products that people love and inspire change and positive growth in our community. Although we are a small company, social and environmental responsibility is a priority and focus of the team.  We care about you, our customers, and we believe in being part of something bigger than ourselves that is why we have partnered up with local and global organizations that encourage and advance philanthropy.

This is our creation, our craft, our baby, and we love what we do.  We are involved in every detail from start to finish, from the way our formulas are prepared to our environmentally sensitive packaging process in our home office in Hanover, Virginia.   We are passionate about the ingredients we use in our products and we care as much about what we put on our skin as the food we eat. We create for ourselves first, if we don’t LOVE it, why should you?  We aspire to deliver quality products that we can all stand behind.


We keep no secrets. We will always be open and honest about the ingredients we use and want to give you as much information about us and our process as we can.  In doing so that allows you, our customers, to make considered choices about what is right for you.

We handcraft all of our products in the USA.  We have established relationships with our suppliers who support US farmers and growers whose business practices are known and trusted.  We evaluate all of our suppliers, farmers and growers to ensure they approach their work with the same level of excitement and integrity as we do.

If you have any questions about us that haven’t been answered here, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here.