“Dreams take flight when given wings”

Becoming a mother in 2006, McKenzie Payne found herself reading every label, growing food for her family, eating locally grown and considering every product she purchased. She had a vision to independently produce a unique line of products using locally sourced materials that would bring comfort and ease to all who used them.

McKenzie started studying and researching the most safe and effective ingredients closest to their natural state from Mother Nature. There were late nights at the stove mixing and pouring. There were many trips around town gathering up materials and ingredients needed to create something better than the mass-produced products on the shelves of the super market chains. The UPS trucks arrival was a very joyful occasion (still is). While working with local printers, beekeepers and natural food stores, McKenzie set up shop at local Farmer’s Markets and community events.

McKenzie is dedicated to creating minimalist formulas without the use of chemicals or suspected carcinogens. To this day there are a lot of late nights in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients, testing formulas and banging out products. While combining her passions for healthy living and helping others, with her slight fascination for lip and body care products, McKenzie designed Mac’s Smack in 2011.