Courtnay Midkiff

Courtnay Midkiff


Courtnay Midkiff is a 23 year old Eagle Scout born in New York and raised in Richmond, VA.  He has always excelled in outdoor activities and loves hiking, camping, swimming, and skateboarding.  He is a very outside the box thinker, and when he was only 17 fresh out of high school he started touring full time with bands.  He spent 5 years traveling all over the world as a tour manager.

On March 1, 2013 Courtnay embarked on his maiden voyage, a solo walkabout from the Atlantic to the Pacific to raise money and awareness for the National Fabrys Disease Foundation.  Courtnay is looking forward to exploring the country as well as pushing himself physically and mentally; by far his greatest adventure to date.

Favorite product: Mighty Mint

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