We are partnered with some incredible organizations that really make a difference in our local community, The McShin Foundation & The Luke Cockey Scholarship Fund. We believe in helping each other in our personal lives and as a company.  Community outreach is something we are passionate about.  In our efforts to create a happier and healthier community we find balance and peace in hopes of spreading love to others.

The McShin Foundation

Our Nation’s #1 health problem is alcoholism and drug dependence.  Directly or indirectly every community is affected by it.  The disease of addiction does not discriminate. This is NOT a moral issue, it is an epidemic.  We are proud to partner with The McShin Foundation in their advocacy efforts to help bring about the change our communities need.
Started in 2004, a non-profit located in Richmond, VA, The McShin Foundation serves as a full service Recovery Community Organization, committed to serving individuals and families dealing with alcoholism and drug dependence.


Nearly 4% of all deaths are related to alcohol.  320, 000 young people aged 15-29 years die annually from alcohol-related causes, resulting in 9% of all deaths in that age group.  Untreated alcoholism and drug dependence costs America $400 billion per year.


While providing tools for recovering individuals to create positive lifestyles, The McShin Foundation aims to spread the word of recovery and educate families, communities, and government regarding alcoholism and drug dependence as well as reduce the stigma attached to them.


The McShin Foundation operates on a $521,000 (2012) self-funded annual budget and provides over $180,000 of charity care annually.  Their advocacy efforts include over 42,500 consumer visits per year, 12,000 volunteer hours, more than 2,132 recovery support groups for the public and over 65,000 phone calls to The McShin Foundation annually.
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The Luke Cockey Scholarship Fund

lukefest COMMUNITY
Alcohol and drug related deaths are on the rise and we have seen too many of our nearest and dearest affected.  The World Health Organization reports the harmful use of alcohol results in 2.5 million deaths globally each year.  Our young people are heavily affected. We hold The Luke Cockey Scholarship Fund very close to our hearts and are proud to be a contributor.
Luke Cockey died prematurely in 2008 in an alcohol related incident.  The family established The Luke Cockey Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to individuals seeking recovery from alcoholism and drug dependence.  The annual LukeFest celebrates the recovery successes in our community.


Offering financial assistance that provides recovery support services, residential housing, transportation, and hope and healing to recipients that are seeking a positive new way of life.


Since its inception, The Luke Cockey Scholarship Fund has granted 17 recipients 28 days in the Recovery Community Residence Program through peer-to-peer recovery support services.
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