Our eco-friendly company is dedicated to using sustainable business practices that promote a healthier environment and reduces our carbon footprint on the planet.  We reduce, reuse, repair and recycle in our business and personal lives.  We feel strongly that in living by this mantra we can not only reduce waste but also enrich lives.

  • Reduce:      in a materialistic society sometimes we fall short.  The idea is to not buy what we don’t need.
  • Reuse:         share, donate, spread the love.
  • Repair:        fix stuff that can be repaired.
  • Recycle:     when all else fails recycle.

Our partnership with 1% for the Planet allows us to help make a difference and keep our side of the street clean.  For us at Mac’s Smack, we believe in sustainable agriculture practices and protecting our customers from unnecessary exposure to synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and biosolids.  We use natural quality ingredients that pose the least amount of risk to the health of our bodies and our environment.  In purchasing our products, you are also protecting the environment from chemical residue, farmers and livestock from chemical exposure, and our landfills from chemical contamination.  We are grateful for the many environmental activists and advocates that work so hard to keep our natural world a great place.

Packaging eco

We use 100% renewable and/or recyclable materials in our packaging, products, shipping materials and office materials. Most of our tubes come from post consumer recycled plastics. We believe less is more. There are no extra boxes or excessive packaging to avoid the unnecessary impact on our environment.


We use sustainably harvested and renewable raw materials for our products. We source our materials as locally as possible. Our beeswax is obtained from local Virginia farms. 75% of our other ingredients are sourced right here in the USA. We’d like to say every single material we use is sourced directly from the United States but that is just not the case. Some of the most exquisite ingredients can only be found in certain areas of the world. With only a few of our ingredients sourced from foreign soil, we are committed to providing ingredients that are safe, effective and closest to their natural state.