The conditions of hospitals and lack of medical services in Haiti are far from acceptable. We have felt compelled to partner with the Midwives for Haiti. We love every aspect of this organization. We are excited to be able to offer a little comfort and a smile to the Haitian women who deserve a bit of pampering.
Founded in 2004 by Nadene Brunk CNM, Midwives for Haiti is a non-profit organization offering education and training to Haitian men and women to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates. By providing prenatal care and skilled birth assistance to their fellow Haitian sisters, who too frequently either die in childbirth or lose their newborn without such care, the Midwives for Haiti program is designed to reduce suffering and help improve the lives of the Haitian people.


The chances of dying from childbirth in Haiti in 2010 were estimated as 1 in 28, mostly due to pregnancy-induced-hypertension, eclampsia, sepsis, and postpartum hemorrhage.


Each year, Midwives for Haiti hosts an 11-month course taught and precipitated by four Haitian midwives, who are assisted by volunteer midwives from North America and Europe.


Currently, Midwives for Haiti is providing the funds to employ most of the graduates because non-profits and hospitals in Haiti who need them are often unable to provide a salary. By sponsoring a midwife to practice for one year, salary, room and board, medications and supplies cost $3,600. This will enable her to give prenatal care to approximately 120 women per month and deliver 10-20 babies each month.
To learn more about Midwives for Haiti please visit: www.midwivesforhaiti.org