Our lips take a lot of abuse.  They are constantly exposed to irritants: food and drink, environmental pollutants, harsh weather conditions etc.  In the colder months where there is less humidity we sometimes find ourselves with some less than fine kissable lips.  Unlike the skin that covers the rest of our body, our lips lack natural oils to help retain moisture.  What are we to do you ask?

Here’s the skinny on how to maintain your soft kisser. . .


Lack of water in the body makes your lips dry.  Keep your lips hydrated and supple internally by drinking ample amounts of water.  If you tend to drink your share (and your co-workers share) of coffee and tea, like we do, make sure to add that much more water to your diet.


If you are planning to go outdoors, (go on do it!) we feel it is important to protect your lips from the hot summer sun and old man winter.  Applying a lip balm will help shield your lips from the elements.  Many of the ingredients we use in our lip balms offer natural UV sun protection.


Brush your lips with a toothbrush or use a washcloth to scrub off dead skins cells to reveal the beauty that lies underneath.

Keep your tongue in your mouth:

Resist the urge to lick your lips if they start to feel dry.  Saliva tends to dry them out further which lead to uncomfortable cracking.

Watch what you eat:

Good lip care is more than just slathering on some balm.  We suggest eating a good amount of nutritious foods rich in Vitamins.  Fruits and veggies are loaded with Vitamins.  Eat up!